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Whether you're passionate about Modern Havana, Historic Havana, or Classical Havana with its colonial charm, searching for local crafts, or aiming to capture breathtaking skyline views, the Cubtram City Tour is tailored for you.

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Our customers say about us

"The open-air tram tour was informative and fun for all ages. Our guide Pedro shared fascinating insights as we passed churches, museums, landmarks, and historical sites. Pedro offered regular stops to sample local cuisine, enjoy drinks at Hemingway's bar, and browse the art market." Nancy P.

Barbara Santa

From the moment we embarked on the journey, the guide's wealth of knowledge and passion for the city's history and culture was evident

Dave Willson

The itinerary was well-planned, allowing us to explore iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and indulge in the past, present and future of Cuba.

Alex Dillinger

The tour provided a perfect balance of sightseeing, learning, and leisure time. I highly recommend Cubtram to anyone looking for an enriching and memorable experience in this vibrant city."